• The establishment of Industrial parks, like Hawassa, Mekekel, Bole Lemi, Adama is becoming rampant in Ethiopia, which means there is a need for skilled manpower. We want to provide that need for that by creating talented professionals to fill in that gap. Extensive development of industrial parks are dedicated for specific sectors such as textile &apparel leather and leather products, this is in direct alignment with our project.
  • KUTA is a platform to showcase a yearly event of ‘fashion week’ portraying Ethiopian designers who produce from little known collection of traditional costumes to high-end contemporary designs. We are basically nursing Ethiopian fashion designers by helping them become fit enough to showcase in large fashion cities such as Paris, New York, Atlanta, Milan, Detroit and Washington, DC in the competitive world of high fashion.
  • We assist in the transformation and development of the countries fashion industry. Fashion is multi billion dollar `business, our endeavor is to connect emerging and established designers with, buyers, manufacturers, distributers and investors in order to grow the fashion industry to reach its absolute potential.
  • The program will serve us a bridge between investors, promoters, relevant government bodies, business people and others so they could pull what they have to a better development of ideas into business opportunities. Hence, creating a significant public private partnership (PPP).
  • The program will help various relevant stakeholders to promote and advertise what they have to their relevant audience and target market. For example hotels, studios and hair and makeup salons that partner with us will be able to promote their business places and products.
  • It’s a platform on which consumers can access luxury designs made in Ethiopia.
  • Fabrics are sourced from suppliers from Ethiopia to create clothing that stands out. The colors, prints, and shapes seen are engrained in our cultural traditions.
  • We help make visible the product of an entrepreneur with a passion for Ethiopia, fashion and technology.
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