Project Process and Approach

Kuta is a TV program that will create a fair and transparent competition among different creative talents. The candidates will be registered by providing open announcement so they could be preliminarily screened before getting the chance to participate in the show. A team of jury selected by the program organizers will do this. The juries are selected from professors from university department of designing schools, Super models, fashion icons and the like. There will also be a spot for a rotating guest judge.

The selected candidates will present their ideas on TV in front of the selected judges. The presented ideas will be evaluated after it is shown in a given specified period of time. The jury will award points and those who score good results (higher rankings) will pass to the subsequent stage. The winner of the competition will be given an award and access to market linkage through developing a vibrant and attractive closing ceremony.

The program will be designed in an attractive, super entertaining and professional way. It will encompass the best production team and the host will do its utmost diligence to make the show matchless.

Judging criteria

Candidates will be judged and eliminated based on the following: –

  • Understating the instructions very well and performing accordingly.
  • Being on budget/cost efficiency
  • Time efficiency. Completing assignment on time
  • Precision and accuracy in terms of designing.
  • The final product must be well tailored, creative and professional

The program will be presented on Balagru TV. Services, the production and airing of the program will be revealed in the following manner.


After registration, screening, interview by professional judges every week early in the morning talented designers who were able to join the show will gather and receive an instruction about that day’s competition theme, time permit, budget they will have……  The competition will be one day, two or three day’s assignment. After that with the limited time interval they will sketch, go out shop their material, materials also can be surprises from their surrounding, and spend the rest of the day in the garment. At some point their models will come for the first trial, then finish up the rest of it and get ready for the run way.

For some weeks there will be different companies sponsoring the show, leather textile garments, metal brewery or beverage factories, governmental or private sectors……  Then the theme for that week will be related to what they do. It can be making a uniform to their employees, design for their products, ideas that can promote the industry. And for the person who wins the competition the sponsors will reward them. It can be in finance, raw material or working with them for a year or something.

When there are a few candidates left, around 10 or 12 people, there will be a small training by senior designers to improve their weak part. After some weeks the competition will be out of Addis, every year will go to different areas and work on different culture and way of dressing….. Get the inspiration and materials from there and make an outfit for that week assignment. It might stay up to two weeks.

When 2 weeks left for the final week there will be 5 or 6 contestant left. And the assignment will be to prepare their own collection from 8 to 12 outfits; will have the budget and enough time for months. Before the final week they will bring some samples and the judges will give them a suggestion on what they think of the work, what to avoid and what to add. Then it will be the final and the winner will be announced.  We are working on making the final show in a big related event!! And the reward will be from financial support, travel packages, scholarships…

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