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The lack of specialized TV program that solely focus on promoting creative garment design competition is the main reason for initiating this proposal. Kuta Promotion and Event organizing company also has a deep-rooted interest in the area and wants to contribute to the initiation and development of creative works in the garment, textile and leather industry in a modern and fashionable way, while at the same time presenting the sophisticated, old age traditional wear that’s being erased with the surge of cheap goods from overseas. In recent times, there’s been cases whereby Ethiopian clothing has been appropriated and presented by world-renowned designers without giving due recognition to the original owners of that creativity. This program will directly address this challenge and spark the start of a very fashion forward reality show that is designed to hone not only the skills of designers but positively shift the making of a TV program that’s appealing, enlightening and compelling. Ethiopian fashion and aesthetics is becoming more visible in mainstream spaces.

kuta is a reality television series premiering on Balgaru Television focusing on the works of Ethiopian fashion design. Selected contestants compete with each other to create the best apparels and are restricted in budget, time, materials and theme. Their designs are judged, and one or more designers are eliminated each week. During each season, selected competitors are progressively eliminated based on the judges’ scores until only a few runner-up contestants remain; these finalists prepare a complete fashion collection for fashion week after which a winner is determined. Our aspiration is to get critical acclaim by becoming a competitive TV reality series with outstanding performance to attract growth in audience popularity.

About Project

The fashion industry has a three trillion dollar annual sales value worldwide.

Ethiopia plots a 30 billion dollar annual export revenue from textile and apparel, aiming to surpass top exporters like that of Vietnam and Bangladesh in less than a decade, there is also a promising sign that the global fashion industry is embracing “Made in Ethiopia” at an exciting pace. Ethiopia is extremely suitable for the whole value chain in the industry, from cotton cultivation to high-end outfits, reducing the amount and type of inputs exported that are needed for manufacturing. Moreover, when exhibitions and fashion weeks are conducted in Ethiopia, the number of partakers who travel to Addis Ababa from all over the world has been increasing in recent times. This signals, the fashion world has already started to pay attention to the country and its apparel industry. Ultimatelymaking AddisAbaba theAfrican Fashion hub.

Profiles of Promoters

From 2004-2005 – Jimma university pre-engineering
From 2006-2009 – works in Tiens Ethiopia, a network marketing company on food supplements as a trainer on product and business plan. Has travelled to different regions in the country, Nazareth, hawassa, bahirdar …
From 2009- now – work in Ethiopian air lines as a flight attendant, travel almost to every destination that the air line has reaches. And also works in Edmark international as a sales person and was giving a training (presentation) on product and business plan. And also with collaborating with other companies organized different events. And organize a fashion show in exhibition center for east Africa tiger brand for two days.
Skills and trainings: – customer service, aviation safety and security, sells, motivational and business trainings, nutritional and food supplements, organizing different events.

Profiles of Organization

Kuta promotion and event organizing is a newly established company however works with a team who has a well experience directly and in directly related to it. As the name try to imply our major project will be this show and we see ourselves for the next up to 10 years to stay in the show.

Mission: –to be part of and play a good role in the transformation of Ethiopian art industry to a higher level until Ethiopia become sthe Paris of African in fashion.

Vision: – to be the number one fashion reality Tv show in Ethiopia.

Your Solution: Innovative Idea

All the signs are dictating that Ethiopia is building a sustainable fashion industry that could be among the top competitors in the global FASHION INDUSTRY: –

  • Acting as a fashion incubator we will build the capacity of talented and qualified designers by giving them the platform to construct a marketable brand. Hence, creating fashion icons.
  • To showcase and promote Ethiopia’s diverse attire collection, garment, Fabric and leather. The objective is to preserve and make visible the old while adapting to new trends.
  • There is a huge electricity access at the lowest cost possible. Exclusively hosting the whole value-chain actors of textile and apparel is a state-of-the-art facility which is also eco-friendly makes Ethiopia a fashion heaven, making outfits made in Ethiopia accepted by consumers and establishing a longstanding goodwill.
  • Successful execution in the textile and apparel industry is also very important because, pursuant to government agenda, the industry is considered to be a springboard for other development goals.”The Made in Ethiopia or Made by Ethiopia tag is amazing the world which is very interesting.
  • This show is also excellent platforms for suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers, retailers and buyers to meet at a specified point.
  • In addition, value adding on the textile, garment and leather industry has been one of the challenges for many years in our country. In other words, the supply -demand chain has been dominated by Chinese market, leaving little room for local goods. One of the reasons for this is the failure to nurture talents that could come upfront and make a huge difference.
  • Finding markets for Ethiopian exporters who are in the business of making high-end apparel. We will help create Ethiopian brands.
  • Also this program will make another big impact in introducing Ethiopian vast culture to the rest of the world and to attract tourists to the country.
  • Moreover, Out of quite a huge number of shows on various Amharic programs, there exists not a single reality show that solely attempts to cater to the needs of showcasing the creativity of local designers and giving them the much need voice and outlet. Our purpose is to fill this gap.
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